Living life powerfully
and on purpose

What is coaching?

“Coaching is you and I partnering together in a focused, transformative and creative process that will give you tools and experiences to maximize your personal and professional potential.”

(Adapted from ICF definition of coaching)

Ontological coaching

Ontological Coaching is the coaching of “being”.  It is a powerful framework for navigating the uncertainties of everyday life.   While we work together on the projects that you identify, we are always working on having your life shift, on having you come from that place of who you truly are, in all areas of your life.      

(Adapted from Accomplishment Coaching “Essence Conversation”)

All you need…

We trust that you have all you need within you to be fully expressed in your true self, in all of life.  Often who you truly are is hidden behind strategies and ways of reacting that were designed to protect you.


Together, in a supportive, non-judgemental environment, we uncover all of who you are so you can move forward with your goals and vision.

I work with women in transition.  I support women who are facing changes in careers, relationships, illness or empty-nesting and who want to re-invent themselves by creating a life that is fully empowered and fully expressed. 

A big part of my life has been to reinvent myself after the devastating events such as divorce, becoming an empty nester, and facing life-threatening illness.   I invite you to partner with me as your coach, to create a life of your choosing, a life rich in relationships and fulfillment.  So much is possible! 

My story

Have you ever found yourself determined to not do that again, only to find yourself doing just that? Again? And then… again?

From the outside, my life looked okay. I had a successful career in education, raised three daughters as a single parent, travelled extensively and settled into a sleepy beach-town on Vancouver Island with good friends and community connections. Not bad…from the outside.

Yet, from the inside, old negative patterns kept recurring no matter how much I said, “I won’t do that again.”

I would get lost in impulse buying, only to discard the item a month or two later. I’d find myself starting a diet program and then eating more of the things I was trying to avoid. I would join a gym and then not turn up. I’d be responsive to the demands of others, then feel resentments and respond defensively. Although I avoided conflict, I’d often find myself in the middle of one, with no idea how I’d gotten there.

Work was everything. I put way too much time into demonstrating that I really was valuable by accomplishing all of what was expected, and more. Those who I loved most took second place to work, and time for myself was non-existent. Being overwhelmed was my state most of the time. The final straw came when I found myself, yet again, caught in a relationship in which I put my heart and soul into making it work.

Deep inside, I knew this was not the life I had intended.  I knew there was something more, something better, something more fulfilling.   I  took a good look at myself and decided that as there were fewer years ahead of me than behind me, I needed to make every minute of every day count fully and I embarked on a journey to create the life I wanted.

There was a shift in how I saw the world and my place in it.   I found my voice and my heart opened.  As the layers of self-doubt and self-depreciation peeled away, I found that I wanted to support others to step forward into the fullness of who they really were, to create a life of their own choosing, fully connected, from their greatness. 

Where are you in your life?  

I invite you to join me in a coaching relationship.  Let’s explore what is possible for you. Together let’s uncover your full potential and give power to your projects so you can create the life you’ve always wanted.  I’d love to talk with you.  Let’s discover what might be possible for you.  Give me a call or a text at 1 250 204 2988 or email me at

I look forward to connecting with you. 

Contact me

So often, we glimpse what might be possible, and then choose otherwise.  

Have you ever found yourself making a firm decision, with every intention of moving forward with it, only to look back 6 months later and find little accomplished?  

Perhaps you’d like to improve your relationships with your family? Or try something different in your career?  Maybe you’d like to get a grip on your finances?  Or move forward with your education?  Or perhaps you’d like to change your location.

So much is possible!  

Imagine creating your vision and living it!  What might life be like from that place?